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is a trade mark for secure energy supply owned by

Uninterruptible Power Networks, UPN
(Avbrottsfria Kraftnät UPN AB)

John Åkerlund, managing director

UPN AB works for a safer, more robust and less vulnerable society. The computerization and the increasing use of IT, telecommuni-cations and Internet together with other augmented use of electricity brings about a severe dependence on electricity and telecommunication, thus making our society

very vulnerable.
This trend leads to new and higher demands on reliability of the operation and of the infrastructure of electric power and telecommunication supply. Accordingly, there is a need for new concepts, products and services in the fields of power distribution, IT structure and emergency power supply. Up to now, the emergency power supply has been a private business, but in order to meet the new demands it should be made public.

Straight out, the emergency power supply has to become more cost efficient and more easily available in order to meet the new demands. We suggest and elaborate new and better solutions for the electric power supply of critical infrastructure. Our vision is a reduction of the vulnerability by means of public emergency power and an adapted IT infrastructure.

Premiumel® summarized

Premiumel® comprises solutions for securing electrical energy supply for functions critical for sustaining  operations and activities.
Such critical functions may be functions important to society, operations of enterprises, or electricity dependent functions important for the security and wellbeing of the citizens.


Society critical functions
– government, military, police, health care, crisis management, fighting against terrorism, emergency communications.
Enterprise critical functions
– production, tele and data communications, data systems, emergency lighting, financial functions
Functions important to the citizens
: emergency calls, tele, data and communication, internet banking, door locks, intrusion alarms, elevators, emergency lighting, freezer/fridge, food preparation, circulation pumps, heating, water/waste supply och freezing protection.

Premiumel® implies a product development of the current electrical distribution systems leading to a choice for citizens/enterprises/authorities to choose security level in energy supply without suffering all the chores and costs represented by know-how, operational responsibility and high investment cost included in current emergency power systems solutions.

The Premiumel® network is independent of the ordinary electric distribution network which also may serve as an independent redundant power source. Thus it is possible to obtain a reliability and availability outperforming by far the conventional power grid, regardless it's strength or huw much is reinforced.
The design and realization of the Premiumel
® network is of course crucial to obtain this security and availability. Specially developed system solutions and components are vital to the functioning. UPN is holding patents for several of these solutions and other patents are pending.

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